Gilpin Gold Tram Reference Material

This post is continuously updated with useful links, reference material, and maps related to the Gilpin Gold Tram.


  • The Gilpin Gold Tram: Colorado’s Unique Narrow-Gauge Hardcover – January 1, 1970 – by Mallory Hope Ferrell (Author)
  • The Gilpin Railroad Era: Black Hawk, Central City, Nevadaville and Russell Gulch Hardcover – January 1, 2009 – by Dan Abbott (Author), Dell A. McCoy (Author), Robert W. McLeod (Editor)

Gilpin Historical Society


This post presents several maps that detail the Gilpin Gold Tram right-of-way.

C&S Map 1906
C&S Map 1906

This map was drawn in 1906 and represents much if not all of the trackage built by the Gilpin Gold Tram.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

The Sanborn Fire Insurance company drew detailed maps of the structures in Gilpin County which also includes details of the Gilpin Gold Tram trackage.

Link to the 1990 set of maps.


This is an example of one of the maps. The upper left hand corner shows the engine shed and warming house. This is the location of the current day Hidden Treasure Trail Head.

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This post will be updated as I find new Gilpin Gold Tram reference material of interest. Please see other related posts here.

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