NodeEra – Neo4j Schema Object Generation

NodeEra Schema Object Generation

The NodeEra Schema Generation dialog box allows you to generate a file containing cypher create and/or drop statements for the schema object types that you choose.
The output of the generation process is a file containing Cypher create and/or drop statements that can be executed immediately or saved for later execution.

Typical use cases include:

  • Clearing out an existing Neo4j graph. If you’re goal is to remove all data from a development Neo4j graph you will also want to drop all the constraints.
  • Creating a copy of a Neo4j graph on another Neo4j server. You can connect to the graph you want to clone and generate all of the schema object create statements to a file. Then you can connect to an empty Neo4j graph database and run the create statements.
  • Moving changes from development to production. You can generate object create statements from a development server and just save the new ones in a file which can can then be executed in the production environment.

How To Generate Neo4j Schema Objects Using NodeEra

The Generate Schema Object Cypher Statements dialog box provides a facility to generate Create and/or Drop cypher statements for Neo4j schema objects.
The Create / Drop statements are not executed immediately, they are written to a file that you can then edit, save, or execute as you see fit.

The dialog box is shown below.

Step 1. The Generate Options section of the UI provides the ability to select what statements (Create/Drop) you want to generate and in what order. Select the option that best suits your needs.

Step 2. The Schema Objects section of the UI provides the ability to select what objects you want to generate Create and/or Drop statements for. The checkboxes allow you to select/de-select any or all of the objects. Select the objects that best suits your needs. • NodeEra will not generate Create/Drop statements for the built-in user (neo4j) or the built-in user roles. Neo4j does not allow you to change these.
• NodeEra will generate create/drop statements for all indexes even though this may be redundant in the cases where certain constraints automatically create indexes.

Step 3. Click the “Generate Cypher File” button to generate the desired create/drop statements. The generated cypher statements will be in a cypher editor tab.

Step 4. Click the “Close” button. The generated cypher file will be viewable and at this point you can perform any operation on the cypher file as is allowed in the cypher editor tab.

Output from Schema Object Generation

The screen shot below shows the output from the Schema Object Generation dialog box.

In this example, we generated Create statements only.

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