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Towards a New Age of Conceptual Modeling

Data Modeling and especially Conceptual Data Modeling are undergoing a renaissance. Data Modeling tools have stagnated for years, focusing only on the Entity Relational approach. While this served us well during the period when relational databases dominated, the new reality of polyglot persistence demands new answers. But how do we create a “conceptual model” that can be mapped to any of the various physical persistence mechanisms? This presentation will examine the following:

  • Why Entity Relationship-style conceptual models can’t work in today’s multi-persistence world (if they ever worked)
  • The convergence of many disciplines (linguistics, philosophy, cognitive neuroscience) towards a solution and evidence for this in current data architecture initiatives
  • Meaning-Based Modeling – defining a technology-neutral approach to conceptual models

While no breakthrough new age Conceptual Data Modeling tools have emerged, the trends in this direction are clear and the need is real. This presentation will look at the trends and discuss requirements for the solution.

My presentation at EDW 2021 is posted below…


You can watch the presentation on youtube below…

Info about the conference itself…


The Enterprise Data World 2021 Conference is an all virtual event. My presentation will be Wednesday, April 21, 2021 01:40 PM – 02:30 PM

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