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by John Singer 1 week ago

Results of Vosk Python Speech To Text Conversion

In this post we will look at some results from our python scripts that utilize the Vosk speech translation api to convert audio files to text files. This is part of a series of posts so if you’re starting here you might want to...

by John Singer 1 month ago

Speech To Text Python Environment Setup Using Vosk

This series of posts describes how to convert audio files containing speech to text. In the first post we discussed a number of options for using python to convert speech to text. Given my requirements for open source and local processing...

by John Singer 2 months ago

Python Speech To Text – Which Library To Use

How To Use Python To Convert Speech To Text This post begins my effort to implement speech to text conversion using python. Speech to text is one component of a larger set of capabilities called Natural Language Processing or NLP for...